Paul’s Pork

Paul’s Pork

This has to be one of my oldest BBQ recipes, that I’m still making today. We probably invented it about 25 years ago.

Over the summer when I was a teenager I used to get together with friends in the neighbourhood and BBQ.

One of my friends Paul, his Dad had a Weber Kettle. (Which was the Bees Knees to us back then). We used to wheel that thing round the streets to wherever we were hanging out.

Paul and I were in charge of the cooking. We would have a Tarpaulin Muster and head off to the butchers to buy as much pork shoulder as we could afford.

Paul came up with the first incarnation of this dish by marinading the shoulder steaks in a selection of condiments from his mums larder. It was delicious!!!

Over the years we adapted and perfected the recipe, but every time we made it, it was slightly different, depending on who’s house we were at and what condiments were in their mums larder.

Paul’s Pork is not refined or clever in any way! It just tastes really good!

Please remember this came out of the minds of teenage boys, not culinary masterminds! It’s just about fun and simple experimenting.

Nothing is measured or weighed, only squirts & shakes and dollops!

There are loads of other things that have gone into this dish over the years. So many variations depending on what was to hand.

Just have fun with it.

Paul’s Pork

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Paul’s Pork is not refined or clever in any way! It just tastes really good!

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  • Some Some Pork Shoulder Steaks (bone in or out)

  • Mostly Mostly Tomato Ketchup

  • Some Some Finley Grated Garlic

  • Some Some Finley Grated Ginger

  • Good Dollop Good Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce

  • Good Dollop Good Sharwoods Plum Sauce

  • A Few Shakes A Few Worcestershire Sauce

  • Splash Splash Soy Sauce (Light)

  • A Few Grinds A Few Black Pepper

  • Good Pinch Good Salt

  • Dash Dash Oil

  • Optional or Alternative Ingredients:
  • Hoisin Sauce (is a good alternative to Plum sauce, But the best Paul’s pork has plum)

  • English Mustard (adds a tangy punch)

  • Sharwoods Sweet & Sour Sauce

  • Sugar & Rice Wine Vinegar (adds sweet & sour)

  • Chinese 5 Spice (even more Asian twist)

  • Sriracha Chilli Sauce (extra heat and MSG umami)

  • Redcurrant Jelly

  • Blackcurrant Jam

  • Beer


  • In a bowl mix all the marinade ingredients together.
  • Marinade from between 30 seconds to overnight.
  • Cook hot and fast over direct heat until fat starts to crisp up and just starts to char slightly.


  • After cooking close the lid and bring the temp up a bit to incinerate the toffee that will have built up on the grates.

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